Arts and Crafts Overview

Our Arts & Crafts designed door features a simple moulded, repeating, square motif in its design, evoking the repeated patterns so beloved by the prominent designers of the movement, such as William Morris. This quintessentially English door style lends a hand crafted, cosy, homely feel to any style of room and is one of our most popular designs.

Technical Information

In order to give opening clearances, doors and drawer fronts are generally a little smaller than their carcases. If you are not replacing old doors (which you can measure) please study carefully the details below.

replacement mdf doors

Base units (with recessed plinths): Doors fit flush to bottom edge of carcase with the total height of door, or door and drawer(s), or set of drawers being 5mm less than the overall carcase height.

Wall units (with lighting trim & cornice): Doors are 6mm less than the overall carcase height, giving 3mm clearances both top and bottom. THE SAME FORMAT APPLIES TO ANY CUPBOARD WITH CORNICE OR SKIRTING PROJECTING FORWARD FROM THE CARCASE. Horizontal gaps between doors/drawers on the same unit should be set at 3mm each.

Single doors are 5mm less than the overall carcase width.
Double doors are each 4mm less than half the overall carcass width.

replacement mdf doors

With the exception of drawer fronts, all doors are made using 75mm rails and either 6/9/12/15mm centre panels, depending upon the style chosen. Doors over 1600mm high (1), come with a 100mm centre rail above a 740mm base panel. Please specify should you wish this rail to be at a different setting.

Drawer fronts up to 150mm (2) are solid 21mm MDF. Drawer fronts 150mm – 200mm high (3), are supplied with 40mm top and bottom rails and flat panels. All drawer fronts (and doors) over this size (4) and (5), have standard 75mm rails all round.

When ordered, are on 87mm centres (6), but can be sited in any position required. In such cases please specify the preferred position by measuring in from the top and/or bottom edge of the door to the centre of the 35mm hole. Doors over 1600 high require 3 hinges as standard. Please specify the hand of the doors on all doors over 1600 height and on any door where the hinge positions are not symmetrical. The hand of the door, denoted left (L) or right (R), is the side on which the hinge is placed when viewing the unit from the front.

When ordering hinges, specify the thickness of the carcass sides.

replacement mdf doors

If you require end panels, lighting trim or plinths to coordinate with your door style, contact the office with a list of the lengths you require and we will assist you further.


We make doors to your exact size. To obtain the price for your door, simply click on the size band below that is closest to your measurements. Then, when you are ready to order, send us a list with all of your dimensions and we will confirm your order total by email.

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Please add £24.00 for each £100.00 (or part thereof) to cover delivery costs, up to a maximum of £200. Delivery is free within 25 miles of the factory, or clients may collect free of charge.

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