Kitchen Trends 2017


According to House Beautiful Magazine, there are several major trends happening in kitchens at the moment. Below we have a look at some of the most popular:


1. The Rise Of The Quality Worksurface

Laminate may have been the way forward for years, but for people looking to upgrade, there’s been a definite shift to more expensive materials like quartz. This is due to people investing more in their homes, deciding to stay there longer and having the money to do it as they get older. Natural stone is a definite way to upgrade the look of a kitchen and is no longer seen as a luxury item, but rather one of reachable aspiration.


2. Industrial Style

Always combining function and form, the industrial look favours not so much a stark approach, as an exposed one. Think visible pipework, often as a feature, metallic or dark colours, and harsher materials like concrete, stone or exposed brick.


3. Handle-less Units

but how do we open them? It’s easy – these units respond to a simple pressure – just push and they pop open. It’s all about clean lines and a sleek, linear overall look. Often these units are also high-gloss in neutral or earthy tones.


4. Great Storage

Everybody loves a cupboard.. but even more so now. It’s part of a trend to keep worksurfaces free of clutter. There will always be people who love to display their items,  but for those who want cleaner lines and a feeling of space,  storage is the way forward. Just make sure everything you need regularly is at a good height for you to reach easily.


5. Painted Cabinets

This is where JMF Doors comes into its own! Supplying a huge range of cabinets in all sorts of styles –ready to paint in your preferred  colour or finish.  Go classical or modern – or a combination – it’s your choice and such an easy process.


6. More Technology

The Smart Home is already here, and showing no sign of stopping. There’s a big rise in Bluetooth integrated features, pop-up sockets for recharging appliances and colour-changing lights. There’s even an iKettle that you can control from bed, ordering it to boil in time for your arrival downstairs!

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Ways To Update Your Kitchen

If you’re updating or upgrading your home, then concentrate first on the kitchen to add value. Whatever your budget, there are lots of easy steps, including

  1. Replacing kitchen cabinetry
  2. Putting up quality window treatments
  3. Re-painting in fresh, bright colours
  4. Introducing light with mirrors, etc

All of these ideas, and lots more don’t cost a fortune, but will give the illusion of space, light and a kitchen that is truly cared for. We look at some of them in more detail below.


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Arts and Crafts Wardrobe Doors

What Is The Arts & Crafts Movement?

The Arts & Crafts movement may only have been around for 30 years or so in the UK and Europe (1880 – 1910), but its influence brought us influential names like Sanderson and William Morris, that still resonate today.  

Having swept through Europe and North America, it reached Japan in the 1920s, where they fell for its traditional craftsmanship, clean lines and folkloric style of decoration.

Essentially, the look was anti-industrial, harking back to a more romantic, but still realistic era. It was also a strong reaction to the decorative arts movement that had preceded it – a protest against the perceived decline in standards of both production and the conditions of the workers involved. In short, those involved were seeking a return to well-made, hand-crafted, quality goods.


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Kitchen cabinets

Colour Choices for Replacement Kitchen Units


If you fancy a kitchen makeover, why not get some replacement doors, which you can then paint to your own taste. It’s the savvy way to save money, and get the kitchen you want!


And once you’ve decided to go this route, it’s then simply a case of choosing the style of kitchen units, the colour you want to paint them, and the walls behind. Here’s our handy guide to this season’s top colour choices for units and walls:



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shaker style replacement kitchen cabinet door sketch

Shaker-Style Replacement Doors

What Is The Shaker Style?

The Shaker Style is characterised by simplicity. Uncluttered but still timeless and classic, our Shaker made-to-measure replacement doors are always amongst our top-selling lines.


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