Watch our simple video for tips on how to measure for replacement doors. There is a section at the end of the video listing all of the information covered in the video if you need to take notes.

No, however, they are spray primed with a special primer/filler and then flatted by hand, which gives the best surface upon which to paint and saves a lot of time versus doing this step by hand at home.

MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is a fibre board made from wood fibres and resin, bonded under high pressures. The finished boards do not have a grain and are therefore ideal for painting or filling. Thus holes can be filled and sanded with ease and are completely invisible when painted- very handy should you ever decide to change from a handle to a knob, for instance.

Another advantage of MDF is that once it is sealed, it is a very stable material, and unlike wood, is not prone to warping or shrinkage- extremely important when manufacturing large wardrobe doors, most of which are over 2m high. Finally, all of our materials are sourced from manufacturers who use wood from sustainable forestation, and as the process also uses the whole tree by using the wasted branches and bark left over from larger board production, there is little wastage, making MDF doubly environmentally sound.

All of our doors are 21mm thick with a minimum 9mm panel in the centre.

Our standard rail is 75mm wide on our new and replacement kitchen cabinet doors with taller wardrobe doors featuring a 153mm wide mid or cross rail.

Yes, we regularly make angled doors. Please contact the office for details of the measurements we require.

The hinge boss hole should have a centre point. Simply measure from the top of the door to the top hinge hole centre point and then again from the top of the door to the centre point of the bottom hinge hole. Always measure from the top of the door to the centre point for all hinge positioning measurements.
The second measurement we need is from the side of the door to the hinge hole centre point. As a guide, this is usually around 21mm.

We can certainly try! Just send us a photo, one close up and any dimensions that would help us to understand the proportions of the design and we will do our best to assist.

Yes, please have a look in our accessories section on this website for a list of the sizes and prices.

Yes, please have a look in our accessories section on this website for a list of the sizes and prices.

Our chosen courier is Tuffnells and they will deliver between 8am and 6pm or you can choose an earlier delivery at a small additional charge. Large orders will be delivered by our own driver if this is a more economical way for our customer.

Yes, if you are a trade client and need to order samples to show your customers, we do offer a kit of 5 doors of your choice. Contact the office for more details. If you are a direct customer, we can sell you a small sample door. Contact the office for details.

The minimum height for a drawer front to include a panel to match a chosen door style is 200mm to allow for the size of the rails to match the doors. If the drawer front ordered is less than this, then a plain drawer front is supplied.

Yes, you can collect your doors during normal business hours.

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