What Is The Shaker Style?

The Shaker Style is characterised by simplicity. Uncluttered but still timeless and classic, our Shaker made-to-measure replacement doors are always amongst our top-selling lines.

Where Does The Style Come From?

The look is taken from The Shaking Quakers – a religious movement that began in Manchester in 1744. The name came about because of the believer’s propensity to dance and shake during worship.

The Shakers also believed in purity – not only in their thoughts and behaviours, but purity of form in their designs, to promote order and serenity. Every Shaker village embodied these beliefs and design attributes, from the window frames to the front doors through to their cabinetry.

(Incidentally – the Shakers were also passionate about technology, responsible for the invention of the circular saw, the steam iron and even a rotating oven that could bake up to 60 pies in one session!)


Would A Shaker-Style Door Suit My Kitchen?

Because of their simplicity, a Shaker made-to-measure replacement door allows you choices. You can choose to keep the kitchen simple and functional. Or add interest with colour-themed appliances, or more hi-tech gadgets if you prefer.

The Shaker style tends to look best in period and traditional homes, as it can add a sense of classic timelessness. However, it works well in modern properties too, if you’re looking to create a sense of balance between the modernity and classicism.


What Kinds of Doors Can I Get?

JMF Doors has a selection of Shaker doors:
The Plain Shaker is just that – a simple design with no added extras.
The Fluted Shaker has a series of sculpted ridges, making it slightly more formal.
The Jacobean Shaker still benefits from clean, simple lines, but the centre panel is divided into two, replicating the look of more traditional Jacobean panelling. This works especially well on larger replacement doors.


What Colours Should I Use?

Our doors are delivered ready-to-paint, so the choice is yours. If you want to stay true to tradition, then a muted colour choice would be most appropriate. Think cream, light beige, taupe, light green etc. Farrow & Ball manufacture paints in traditional colours that are used in some of the country’s great houses. Also – check the internet for inspiration. There are many pictures and suggestions out there, but ultimately – it’s up to you!